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Divya Kaishor Guggulu

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Divya Kaishor Guggulu 40gm

This drug is known for its supportive care in gout, skin and blood disorders. Therefore due to Kaishor Guggulu ’s blood purification properties this is found to be extremely useful attaining healthy state both mentally as well as physically.

According to Ayurveda this is traditionally used for the treatment of accumulation of Pitta (fire) and Vata (air) in the joints and muscles, which may be evident through pain and inflammation. The chronic accumulation of Pitta (fire) and Vata (air) can lead to serious conditions such as bursitis, tendonitis and arthritis, which are characterized by redness, heating sensation, inflammation and persistent pain in the joints. It is equally effective in all types of skin disorders, diabetic ulcers, and all types of boils, gouty conditions and loss of digestive fire. Kaishor Guggulu is also an effective blood purifier. Yograj Guggulu is traditionally used in Ayurveda for old and high Vata related conditions of the joints and muscles. Helps to maintain healthy metabolism and remove toxins from the system. It has a special potency (prabhava) as a rejuvenative (Rasayana). Moreover this is found to be useful in diseases of vata and Kapha doshas.

Anti – inflammatory and antiseptic properties, is beneficial in cleansing and healing of wounds and to reduce edemas. Is also used for the treatment of individuals suffering from gout, rheumatic joints, glandular swellings and even piles. One can as well as performs gargle for ulcerated conditions of the mouth and throat like stomatitis and pharyngitis. Is also used in digestive ailments like anorexia, flatulence, worm infestations, piles, sluggish liver etc, it works well. It is one of the most popular remedies in glandular swellings, tumors, and filariasis. It augments the urine quantity hence is beneficial in dysuria, urinary calculi etc. In women, if is beneficial in leucorrhea and dysmenorrheal. Is also used for the treatment of cervical adenitis.

The key ingredients of Kaishor Guggulu as per their Sanskrit or the Indian names are:

    * Triphala prasth
    * Giloy prasth
    * Saunth
    * Kali mirch
    * Pipal
    * Via Vidangh
    * Jamalghota ki jaadh
    * Nishoth
    * Errand Taila

Kaishor Guggulu is beneficial in following conditions:

    * Kaishor Guggulu is extremely beneficial in various types of respiratory diseases.
    * Kaishor Guggulu herbal remedy is used for various types of Pitta + Vata dosha disorders.
    * Kaishor Guggulu is also helps to prevent tumorous growth in the body.
    * Kaishor Guggulu also helps in the reduction of Pitta aggregation in the body that might result in development of a serious disorder.
    * Kaishor Guggulu is also beneficial in inflammation.
    * This is beneficial in anemia.
    * Kaishor Guggulu is also beneficial in diabetes mellitus.
    * This also helps to fight against various types of blood disorders.
    * Kaishor Guggulu is also beneficial in various types of skin ailments.
    * Kaishor Guggulu helps in the maintenance of healthy metabolism and brings about the elimination of toxins from the body.
    * It is a strong purgative so it is to be given in proper dosage other wise it may cause extremes harms to the body.
    * This is useful in inflammation.
    * It is also known as a good laxative and is very helpful in conditions like constipation and other abdominal troubles. It is good in relieving any kind of edema happening in the body. It is also effective in reducing the obesity. It also helpful in reducing fever in the body.
    * Traditionally it is used in Pitta dosha diseases as in arthritis.
    * Beneficial Pitta related inflammations.
    * Rejuvenates the musculo-skeletal system.
    * Maintains healthy metabolism and removes toxins from the system.
    * It boosts the sukra dhatu (Spermatozoa) in males and is effectively used in sexual debility.
    * It also shows lipid - modulatory activities.

Dosage: -

    * 2 – 4 tablets are to be taken twice a day in morning and evening along with lukewarm water or milk.

FAQ’s about Kaishor Guggulu :

What exactly does this herbal preparation does in our body?

As this is used for treatment of accumulated Pitta (fire) and Vata (air) in the joints and muscles, which may be evident through the pain and inflammation. So when consumed this brings about the reduction of Pitta and Vata since they are the sources of pain and inflammations in the body. This is carried out at the most optimal cellular level and so it relieves the symptoms of pain and inflammation.

Is this useful for various types of genetic or hereditary disorders?

Yes it is useful in bringing about the treatment of various types of genetic as well as hereditary disorders as this product is known to bring about the purification as well as boosts the sukra dhatu (Spermatozoa) so only the healthy sperm get to fuse with the ova.

Is this herbal preparation useful for both male & female?

Yes due to its main ability to bring about the purification of the blood it is useful for both males as well as females. And moreover this is also having a very broad therapeutic value.

Can I consume this preparation even if I am not suffering from any deformity?

Yes one can go on to consume this herbal preparation even though one is not suffering from any types of disease or deformity. Since this is known for its ability to purify the blood thus rendering the entire systems disease free. Moreover it even brings about a boost to the immunity.

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